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Day 12

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Western U.S.
Day 12
Western U.S.
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Western U.S.

The world may be moving at breakneck speed, but in the Utah desert, the rock formations have stood for centuries. Embrace the peace and beauty of the country’s most pristine natural wonders, and if you’re up for it, learn to climb them like a pro.

Map of Western U.S.


Utah and Nevada take up nearly 200,000 square miles of the U.S. and house only 2 percent of the population. That means plenty of space for climbing, hiking, biking, base jumping, and just about any other blood-pumping activity you can think of.

Map of Moab isn't a nightlife town -- everyone tends to get up early and play.

Moab isn't a nightlife town -- everyone tends to get up early and play.

Guru Profile

Steph Davis

A ZOZI Guru curated this trip.
ZOZI Gurus are the best of the best: world record-holders, celebrity adventurers, artists, & explorers. ZOZI Gurus are here to help you Get Out There™.

Most people consider hanging off a cliffside to be unsettling. For Steph Davis, it’s an anchoring experience. After a week of law school, this climbing, sky-diving, and base-jumping master picked up and moved to Moab, spending every penny she earned on expeditions and climbing trips. Since then, she’s been busy setting records, including becoming the first woman to freeclimb the Salathé Wall, on Yosemite’s legendary El Capitan. She splits her time between Moab, a Honda Fit, a tent, and an off-the-grid cabin. As she puts it, “For me, living half-tamed feels right.”

Steph Davis

Steph's Tips

No one knows the Utah desert quite like Steph Davis. Follow her tips for the ultimate outdoor experience.


Day 1: Las Vegas

Ease into the trip with a day in Sin City. Or, if craps tables and 24-hour buffets aren't your thing, head to nearby Red Rock for some desert hiking.

Day 2: Zion National Park

Blaze a trail through the gorges and canyons of Zion National Park, a spectacular collection of sandstone cliffs and rocky ridges that conceal tranquil pools.

Day 3: Bryce Canyon National Park

Go deeper into central Utah and make a beeline for the sculpted rock formations of this famous park. Branch out on foot and follow the many hiking trails through the rock spires.

Day 4-5: Moab

Hike, climb, or perhaps even jump the spectacular canyons and sandstone rock formations of Arches National Park.

Day 6: Monument Valley

Visit one of the largest Native American reservations in the U.S. and spend time learning about Navajo culture.

Day 7: Lake Powell

Spend a day searching Lake Powell's famed red canyons and waterways for idyllic hidden coves.

Days 8-9: Las Vegas

Back to civilization! Of a sort, anyway. Spend a day at the blackjack tables or the pool, back in the arms of modern comforts.

Day 10: Death Valley

Brave the scorching desert heat to explore one of the country's most unique landscapes and ecosystems.

Days 11-12: Yosemite National Park

No U.S. outdoor trek would complete without a trip to Yosemite, home of the giant granite domes, gushing waterfalls and stunning forests. Hike, bike, or just bliss out by Mirror Lake.

Days 13-14: San Francisco

Finish your journey in the city by the bay, with a trip to Chinatown, a Mission burrito, or a stroll through downtown.

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