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Day 5

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Day 5
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Culturally, Japan is the closest you can get to visiting another planet. From the neon mania of Tokyo to the hypnotic ritual of geisha teahouses, the culture sucks you in and leaves you permanently changed -- in a good way.

Map of Japan


An archipelago of 6,852 islands, Japan packs the world's tenth-largest population into under 150,000 square miles. The greater Tokyo region is the largest metropolitan area in the world, housing over 30 million residents.

Map of Where else can you see carnivorous deer try to eat snow monkeys?

Where else can you see carnivorous deer try to eat snow monkeys?

Guru Profile

Travis Rice

A ZOZI Guru curated this trip.
ZOZI Gurus are the best of the best: world record-holders, celebrity adventurers, artists, & explorers. ZOZI Gurus are here to help you Get Out There™!

Travis Rice wasn’t born: he came forth from a mountain in Jackson Hole with a board strapped to his legs. Often hailed as one of the best all-around snowboarders in the world, he’s won over 30 grand slam titles and landed the first double rodeo 1080 in competition. Since 2008, he’s been producing and starring in films that capture his aerial feats.

Travis Rice

Travis's Tips

When Travis Rice does Japan, he does it like there’s no tomorrow (or even today, past 2 AM).


Days 1-3: Tokyo

There's no better city to get lost in for three days. From the neon nightlife to the peaceful temples to the urban intensity, Tokyo will suck you in.

Days 4-5: Nikko

Hop a bullet train to this centuries-old sacred site dotted with shrines and temples. Visit Toshugu Shrine and see the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Days 6-9: Kyoto

Tour every inch of this former imperial capital, including the shrines, gardens and, of course, the famed Geisha district.

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