Chris Lieto

Ironman Champion

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Elite Triathlete and 3 Time Ironman Champion

In 1997, a 25-year-old former college water polo player and surfer from Danville, California, watched the Ironman Hawaii World Championship on TV, read a story about triathlon legend Mark Allen in Outside magazine, and got himself a bike. Twelve years later, Lieto is now one of the world's top Ironman athletes and he's also rightfully considered one of the premier cyclists in the sport.

Lieto's ability to combine physical prowess, hard work, and mental toughness to succeed not only as a world-class athlete, but also as a family man, entrepreneur, and role model, has catapulted him into the limelight as an ambassador for one of the fastest growing sports in America. Lieto is most passionate about sharing his experiences and getting people excited about setting goals and accomplishing things. He currently resides in Hawaii with his wife Karis and son Kaiden.

  • Stats
  • 1st Place, 2006 Ironman Japan
  • 1st Place, 2005 Ironman Canada
  • 1st Place, 2002 Ironman Wisconsin
  • Heralded as the fastest cyclist in the sport