Steph Davis

Elite Climber & BASE Jumper


Elite Climber, BASE Jumper & Wingsuit Pilot

According to Steph Davis, classical piano and extreme air sports have a lot in common. In both disciplines, success is measured not by a single win, but by a philosophy of thriving, marked by consistent excellence.

Davis is a legend in the extreme sports world, known for her free solo ascents and BASE jumps of long rock faces and peaks around the world. Davis grew up in Illinois, Maryland, and New Jersey, studying classical piano as a child. She went climbing for the first time as a college freshman, and became passionately consumed with rocks and gravity and decided to pursue her love of climbing professionally. In 2007, Davis discovered new death-defying loves: skydiving, wingsuit flying, and BASE jumping, and began finding ways to combine her skills by climbing and then jumping from spires.

When Davis is not climbing or flying, she is writing, cuddling with animals or reading up on veganism. And as if scaling the highest rocks wasn’t enough, Davis and her husband have recently become the first in the world to offer tandem base jumps from cliffs in Moab, Utah.

  • Stats
  • First person to free solo the North Face of Castleton Tower, the most iconic desert spire in Utah
  • First person to summit Torre Egger in Patagonia in one day
  • Only woman ever to free solo and fly a wingsuit from the Long’s Peak Diamond
  • First woman to free climb El Capitan’s Salathe Wall
  • First woman to climb Shipton Spire in Pakistan