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Day 1
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As the United States' last great wilderness, Alaska is the type of rugged locale where true adventurers thrive. Untamed and untouched, enter into the wild on a retreat to a pristine land where you’re as likely to see a caribou as you are a car.

Map of Alaska


Mother Nature's quite the artist. Wander through a gallery of her finest work, from grumbling grizzlies to snow-capped peaks, sprawling skies to wildflower-laden valleys.

Map of The scenery of Alaska is much grander than anything else of the kind.

The scenery of Alaska is much grander than anything else of the kind.

Guru Profile

Bear Grylls

This trip is inspired by Elite ZOZI Guru Bear Grylls. From renowned adventurers to celebrity chefs, the ZOZI Guru team consists of some of the world’s most accomplished professionals.

When he turned 23, Bear Grylls became one of the world's youngest people to summit Everest. Today, Bear is a global phenomenon and worldwide brand. His career has been defined by his thirst for incredible adventures, from surviving a near-fatal parachuting accident in Africa to utilizing a sheep carcass as a sleeping bag. Bear formerly hosted Discovery Network's Man vs. Wild and currently hosts NBC's newest reality survivor TV show Get Out Alive.

Bear Grylls


Days 1-2: Denali National Park

No photo can do justice to the stunning landscape of Denali. Weave through its trails, strap in for a whitewater adventure, or simply sit and soak in the magnitude of its beauty.

Day 3: Alaska Range

Warm up after a dewy walk in the woods or fishing in a nearby creek with hot cocoa, crackling fires, and flannel-clad cuddling with a stay in a classic log cabin.

Days 4-5: Wrangell-St Elias

The largest US National Park, a trip through Wrangell-St Elias is a real taste of wilderness. Embark on a four-wheeled adventure to seek out thawing glaciers or a rogue moose.

Days 6-7: Valdez

Sink into the slow-paced Alaskan lifestyle with a stay in Valdez. While sipping your morning coffee, take in some of the state’s most beloved scenery in a city that borders the sea.

Days 8-9: Kenai Fjords

A maze of stunning fjords and turquoise-glowing glaciers, Kenai Fjords National Park is a natural marine habitat. Cruise the ancient ice fields, keeping a watchful eye out for playful otters.

Days 10-11: Kachemak Wilderness Camp

A pristine picture of isolated beauty, the Kachemak Bay Wilderness Camp is an ideal locale for hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. At an intimate resort, end the day with a delicious salmon bake.

Day 12: Anchorage

Gateway to Alaska's wilderness parks and home to nearly half its population, Anchorage is the perfect place to transition out of the wilderness and back onto city streets.

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