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Day 12

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British Virgin Islands
Day 12
British Virgin Islands
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British Virgin Islands

Languid and serene. Thrilling and decadent. The BVIs splay out as an archipelago of nearly sixty islands, with only three true tourist destinations. This is an idyllic oasis wrapped in secluded sandy beaches and dotted with emerald lagoons.

Map of British Virgin Islands


You know the dream: a day spent sailing, snorkeling, and sun-bathing brings on a reverie of relaxation that always ends too abruptly. It's time to let that fantasy play out on this true blue sailing adventure.

Map of Sailing teaches alertness and courage, and gives in return a joyousness and peace that few spots afford.

Sailing teaches alertness and courage, and gives in return a joyousness and peace that few spots afford.

Guru Profile

Jimmy Spithill

This trip is inspired by ZOZI Guru Jimmy Spithill. From renowned adventurers to celebrity chefs, the ZOZI Guru team consists of some of the world’s most accomplished professionals.

Titles come easily to Jimmy Spithill. Currently the ORACLE sailing team skipper, he's been named Australian Male Yachtsman of the Year twice, won his first America's Cup in 2010, and has racked up countless other awards. But perhaps Jimmy's most impressive achievement is leading the ORACLE team to victory in the 2013 America's Cup - a feat renowned as one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.

Jimmy Spithill


Day 1: Tortola

Step off Tortola's shores and set sail for an afternoon of high sea adventure. Enjoy 360-degree views before drifting off to the sway of the ocean, tucked beneath a blanket of stars.

Days 2-7: Norman Island

Bring on tranquil island living, where long days of snorkeling and sunbathing segue into nights of rum and reggae. Sail the maze of pristine islands feasting on fresh fish and savoring the salty air.

Day 8: Tortola

Trade in your sea legs for solid ground as you arrive back in Tortola for one final rum cocktail and a vibrant Caribbean sunset.

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British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands
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