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Day 2

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Day 2
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A naturalist's fantasy run wild, Belize delivers on every exotic front. Day-glo birds soar overhead and colorful sea creatures dart through underwater reefs. This is a region dotted with Mayan ruins that rise from jungle canopies and pristine white-sand beaches that line the coast.

Map of Belize


Sprawled out sun-worshippers, warm water lovers, and rum cocktail aficionados will all revel in the chill Caribbean vibe of Belize.

Map of Often called "rainforests of the sea," coral reefs form some of the richest ecosystems on earth.

Often called "rainforests of the sea," coral reefs form some of the richest ecosystems on earth.

Guru Profile

Dean Karnazes

This trip is inspired by ZOZI Guru Dean Karnazes. From renowned adventurers to celebrity chefs, the ZOZI Guru team consists of some of the world’s most accomplished professionals.

An internationally renowned endurance athlete, Dean jogs 20 to 30 miles a day - and doesn't think twice. He's been dubbed one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the world by TIME magazine and one of the fittest men on the planet by Men's Fitness. He's an inspiring motivator, a New York Times best-selling author...and he's accomplished some of the world's most amazing feats, including running 50 marathons - one in each of the 50 states - in 50 consecutive days, ending with the New York City Marathon, which he completed in three hours flat.

Dean Karnazes


Day 1: Belize City

Before zipping off to tropical beaches and lush jungle landscapes, spend time on the streets of Belize City. Pop into an art gallery or museum for a quick cultural lesson on this diverse country.

Days 2-3: San Ignacio

Sitting at the confluence of two rivers, San Ignacio makes the perfect adventure home base. Riddled with ruins and unique wildlife, the surrounding jungle beckons true explorers.

Day 4: Tikal

Explore the Mayan civilization with a visit to Tikal. Spend an afternoon exploring the ruins, marveling at jungle vines slowly reclaiming the land where this powerful city once stood.

Days 5-8: Caye Caulker

Relish the good life with a dip into the clear turquoise waters of Caye Caulker, swaying to reggae or sprawling on the sand with a belly full of fresh seafood.

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