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Day 6

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Day 6
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Like cooking, when it comes to epicurean travel, keep it simple yet inspiring. Bound for the center of Italy’s culinary heartbeat, savor the fresh regional ingredients (and a dash of Nonna's kitchen wisdom) that form the basis of timeless and trend-setting staples.

Map of Italy


A carry-on with nothing but a fork and knife would cover it on this mouth-watering journey. Designed to showcase Italy's famed fare, bounce from region to region - and bolognese to gelato - experiencing the country's nuanced flavors.

Map of In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine.

In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine.

Guru Profile

Michael Mina

This trip is inspired by ZOZI Guru, Michael Mina. From renowned adventurers to celebrity chefs, the ZOZI Guru team consists of some of the world’s most accomplished professionals.

Born in Egypt, Michael Mina showed an unrelenting passion for cooking and entrepreneurship at a young age. One of the most decorated chefs of all time, he's cooked for three US presidents and has been named Rising Star Chef of the Year 1997 and Best California Chef 2002 by the James Beard Foundation. Michael currently owns an array of concept restaurants, including the Michelin-rated Michael Mina in San Francisco and Michael Mina Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Michael Mina


Days 1-2: Rome

Your journey begins in Rome, where a rich culture rivals the abundant pasta and wine. Follow your taste buds through the historic streets for your first lesson in authentic Italian cuisine.

Days 3-4: San Gimignano

Hidden in the Tuscan hills, discover the medieval city of San Gimignano. Sip and sample the region's best vino - and the divine dishes that complement it - during a stay at a family-run winery.

Days 5-6: Bologna

The birthplace of bolognese sauce and home to Gelateria Dondoli, winner of the Ice Cream World Championship, a stop in Bologna couldn't be more appetizing.

Day 7: Venice

Apart from winding canals and romantic gondolas, the allure of Venice lies in its belief that one meal is never enough. Embrace the cicchetti culture, indulging in ample Italian-style tapas.

Day 8: Marca Trevigiana & Venice

In Marca Trevigiana, the locals’ needs are simple: produce and Prosecco. Experience the best of both alongside a bounty of fresh, local mountain cheeses and artisan salami.

Day 9: Venice

Finalize your foodie transformation with a morning trip to Rialto Market, a prime location for fresh and flavorful ingredients. Shuffle past the seafood in search of a final pastry and cappuccino.

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