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Day 7

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Day 7
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With pristine waters pierced by ancient volcanoes and framed by a luminous night sky, Iceland's rugged wilderness bursts with epic adventure and incredible photo opportunities.

Map of Iceland


Where else can you stand at the foot of the rumbling Gullfoss Falls, hike across Europe's most colossal glacier, marvel at the technicolor glow of the Northern Lights, and with each passing day, be humbled the raw majesty of it all?

Map of The ruggedness of and stark contrasts present in Iceland's landscapes makes them irresistible to photographers.

The ruggedness of and stark contrasts present in Iceland's landscapes makes them irresistible to photographers.

Guru Profile

Jimmy Chin

This trip is inspired by ZOZI Guru Jimmy Chin. From renowned adventurers to celebrity chefs, the ZOZI Guru team consists of some of the world’s most accomplished professionals.

Jimmy Chin is one of the world's most prolific expedition and adventure photographers. His dramatic photos of human endeavors in extreme mountain environments has been published by National Geographic, Adventure, Outside, Men's Journal, ESPN Magazine, The North Face, and Patagonia. Jimmy's also a member of the exclusive North Face Athlete Team as a veteran climber, skier, and undisputed all-around mountain man.

Jimmy Chin


Day 1: Reykjavik

A subpolar climate turns frisky at night. Live music provides evening thrills after days spent touring the galleries and museums that make up the spirited art scene of this dynamic city.

Day 2: Hvolsvollur

Surrounded by a crown of snow-capped mountains and gushing waterfalls, Hvolsvollur is a pastoral paradise, Iceland-style. Ready the camera and steady the hand in this picturesque destination.

Day 3: Gerdi

Keep your nose pressed to the window while en route to Gerdi. Cruising down the South Shore, take in staggering views of the legendary Reynisdager rocks and mist-shrouded lava fields.

Day 4: Skaftafell National Park

Spend a brisk afternoon ambling atop Europe's most colossal glacier. Revel in a frosty panorama while tramping through azure ice caves or relaxing next to the cascading Skaftafell waterfall.

Days 5-6: Reykjavik

Slip out of your hiking boots and into the balmy Blue Lagoon hot springs for a soothing soak; a beloved bathing ritual that twines luxury and ruggedness as only Iceland knows how.

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