Martinsburg / Spelunking / Six Hour Caving Adventure

Spelunking in Martinsburg

Cavernous Crawl - A Six-Hour Caving Adventure

  • Martinsburg, WV GO-Adventures

What You’ll Love About This Experience

Go deep inside the rockiest of adventures. On a guided all-day caving excursion, spend six hours navigating wondrous alcoves of stalactites, stalagmites, flow stone and columns. You'll climb, rappel, wiggle, and crawl through caverns. Along the way, your experienced guide will teach you caving lingo so can you look out for soda straws, flow stones and cave coral through the wild caves at Whiting’s Neck. Learn the perfect combination to rappel and ascend a rope, squeeze through the ‘keyhole,’ and cross over chasms that drop 20 feet while the beauty of the caves' walls will astound. And spelunking is great whether it is 90 or 20 degrees outside: inside the caves, the temperature will always be a steady, climate-controlled 50-55 degrees, for the optimal caving experience.

Essentials of This Six Hour Caving Adventure Experience

The Spelunking Experience In Martinsburg Includes:

  • A six hour wild caving adventure near Shepherdstown, West Virginia.
  • All climbing equipment, including rappelling gear (rope, helmet, etc) provided.
  • Great for novices and experienced spelunkers alike.
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Special Terms

Proper caving attire includes:
Wool or synthetic socks (not cotton)
Non-cotton long underwear (polypropylene, wool or synthetic blend)
Sturdy, close-toed shoes or boots
Long pants and long-sleeved shirt
Rain gear if there is rain in the forecast
Thin Gloves

One experience can be purchased per person, multiple may be purchased as gifts. Reserve as soon as possible to save your space, subject to availability. Ages 10 & up. On the date of caving experience, drive to Whiting's Neck Cave. Expires six months from date of purchase.

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The Destination

Martinsburg, WV


Martinsburg, WV

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