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Seeing San Diego by air brings an entirely new perspective on Southern California. While San Diego itself is paradise on earth, many of the surrounding areas are filled with desert, mountains and other spectacular views few people actually get to see from an ariel perspective. That is exactly why San Diego Aerobatix flight tours are so incredible and amazing. With what everyone is able to experience there is no lacking in views. Plus, the canopy inside the plane is almost all glass, so passengers are able to see nearly 360 degrees of pure skyline.

Now, there are other flight tours available around Southern California, but very few are able to provide this sort of view. Others offer just a small window, which makes it difficult to see out beyond just a small portion of the outside world. With San Diego Aerobatix, this is not a problem at all and it allows visitors to enjoy their time up in the air that much more. Of course, eventually they must come down.

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