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San Diego Ghost Tours

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San Diego's Old Town is rich with history and colorful characters whose names still resonate in modern times. Some of these individuals never left town, and it might be possible to run into them again on the ghost tours that take intrepid explorers through the town at night, when the spirits are most active.

Step into the unknown, and use digital voice recorders to listen for voices of the dead known as electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs). Take pictures to see who might let themselves be seen on camera, but not in person. Heighten the senses to hear and see things that are not of this world as spirits are known to move objects or decide walk around and leave only the sound of their footsteps. Watch the feed read-out from a thermal camera to see if any apparitions decide to walk in front of the lens for their moment of fame. Believers and non-believers alike are more than likely to experience something intriguing and interesting on San Diego's ghost tours.

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