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Both the hot air balloon and helicopter were invented over a hundred years ago for use by the military. Since then they have also been used for recreational travel, though not to quite the same extent, and in recent years, balloon and helicopter tours have become a popular method of sightseeing. BalloonRidesOnline specializes in providing helicopter and balloon rides and they are the real McCoy, not some band of online ticket resellers after people's money but have no actual experience in ballooning. Not only are the people who fly balloons for the company licensed pilots, but they take the trouble to check the background and training of every candidate for the position before hiring him or her. This gives the customer peace of mind, freeing them from doing the checks themselves. BalloonRidesOnline are no less diligent in checking on their balloonists' insurance status. All balloon baskets are approved by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). To top it off, balloon tours concluded with champagne drinks.


BalloonRidesOnline is based in Temecula, California.

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