Island Sailing Club Inc

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Sailing is one of the most exciting, adventurous activities in which one can engage; consequently, just about everywhere there is a substantial body of water available in which to sail, there will be clubs dedicated thereto. Island Sailing, which has branches in three cities Portland; Olympia, Washington (the state capital); and Kirkland is one of the most thriving and popular among them.

The company has been in business for 35 years and that, coincidentally, is the total number of boats they have! People can purchase membership at Island Sailing, which allows them to go sailing in their waters whenever they want, and take their families with them. The monthly rates are low, and many sailing enthusiasts prefer membership to owning a boat because of the expenses associated with the latter approach (the company website even includes a page with a list of all these expenses to let prospective members know how much they stand to save!) Island Sailing also operates a sailing school where members can learn new sailing skills, hone the ones that they already have or move on to a more advanced level. Some of the teachers are also sea captains!

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