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Emily Hackeling

About Action Watersports

Action Watersports of Incline Village has been fueling the boat scene on Lake Tahoe’s sparkling waters since 1996. The rental business, launched to let visitors experience the area’s natural beauty from out on the lake itself, began with six jet skis, three boats and eight staff members on the North Shore of the lake.

Now 27 rental boats, 20 jet skis, more than 40 stand-up paddleboards, 60 kayaks, charters on catamarans, fun peddle boats and more cruise the crystalline Tahoe waters from their five summer locations—and customers can even get out in the wintry powder at their two new snowmobile rental sites.

Founded: 1996 | Boat Rentals | Employees: 70 in Summer, 20 in Winter


Managing Inventory That’s On The Move

Action Watersports has offices for managing business, but they also operate from huts right on the sand. They needed a way to keep everyone on the same page and determine which locations needed more kayaks or SUPs as the day progressed.

“Before finding ZOZI, we managed bookings with pencil and paper—with clipboards out in huts by the water,” Owner Jon Wilson said. As the business grew, tracking inventory and money grew more and more difficult.

Revenue Increase: 10% in 1 Season | Now Accepts Bookings Year-Round


Action Watersports + ZOZI

Now the clipboards are replaced by iPads and iPhones with the ZOZI Advance dashboard up and loaded, but moving bookings online isn’t the only thing that’s changed for Action Watersports since using ZOZI.

“We can track our inventory much better, the reporting capabilities are better, and our reservations are organized much better,” Jon said. With everything streamlined in one system, they can generate custom reports to manage money.

We can track our inventory much better, the reporting capabilities are better, and our reservations are organized much better.
— Jon Wilson, Owner, Action Watersports

“ZOZI’s been great because it’s given us 100 percent transparency into our pricing and bookings—to print out reports, see this week compared to last year, and crunch a lot of data.”

Jon also uses promotional codes to distribute to partners and hotels, and he’s able to generate them in bulk. “I just send a spreadsheet of everything I need to Gabby and she generates the vouchers for me just like that,” he said.

Favorite Features: Online Booking | Mobile App | Ease of Use


Communication Is The Key

With a business spread across land and sea, communication is key for ensuring a top-notch experience with Action Watersports. They send automated emails with parking instructions, directions, and terms and conditions to keep customers prepared.

“It helps us set their expectations properly,” Jon said. “One snowmobiling location is really rural and hard to find, and cell phone reception cuts out before you get there. We include a QR code to customers in their reminder email with directions, so if they scan that code before they lose connection, they’ll still know where to go.”

In follow up emails, they thank customers for renting, ask them to leave a review on Yelp, and include a promo code for another rental like parasailing or snowmobiling to generate repeat customers.

If you can buy something on Amazon, you can take someone’s reservation on ZOZI.
— Jon Wilson, Owner, Action Watersports

Jon also said having the real-time ZOZI Dashboard available for his whole team is helpful for communicating cancellations due to weather across to the team.

“If it’s really windy out on the water, they might do a wind hold for parasailing. It lets us cancel and postpone right there, and the whole team is updated,” he said.

Plus, getting the whole team trained and up-to-speed with the software was easy. “If you can buy something on Amazon, you can take someone’s reservation on ZOZI," he said. 

More Rentals, More Fun

Action Watersports has big plans for growth. “Everyone wants to rent from 11am to 3pm. But we’re going to use ZOZI to get people renting earlier,” Jon said. “We’ll use a coupon code to offer discounted 9am jet ski rentals —that way we can get our boats used several times a day.”

In previous years, Action Watersports accepted rental bookings each year starting in May, but with online booking through ZOZI, they’re starting five months earlier: January 1st. Meanwhile, Jon and the team are actively working on expanding to more locations around Tahoe—and even other lakes in the years to come!

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