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Emily Hackeling

About Hidden Valley RV Park

If you ask Teri Blaschke, RV people are the best in the world. After spending more than eight years living in an RV in California and work camping throughout the western U.S., she knows a thing or two about the unique culture an RV park can cultivate. It’s that welcoming atmosphere that’s kept Blaschke working hard at her business, Hidden Valley RV Park, for 43 years.

Hidden Valley has 60 sites, including RV rentals and cottages. Each one is unique, with some in open hayfields and others in more wooded areas by a creek. Blaschke said most of her sites are booked year-round, and she’ll often get visitors who stay for a few months before deciding to extend into a year or more.

“They call and I give them ideas of what to put on their itinerary, tell them where to find parking—anything like that,” she explained.

With visitors coming to the area from all over the world for work and vacation purposes, Blaschke likes that through her business, she can help guests plan their trips and really connect with them.

Founded in 1973 | Less Than 10 Employees

Ledger Sheets and a Growing Business

“We’re married. It’s 100 percent,” Blaschke laughed when asked how much time she puts into Hidden Valley. Blaschke and her husband started recording bookings on ledger sheets in 1973. When computers came into the picture in the '90s, they developed a very detailed Excel sheet to manage their reservations.

“We had worked it into something we were pretty happy with, but it didn’t accommodate the guest as far as reservations go,” she said. With RV rentals, guests can stay for just a few days or many months, so Blaschke needed something more robust to record different time limits and rental lengths.

Most of her reservations were by phone in previous years. More and more people started requesting bookings from an online form on Hidden Valley’s website, but it wasn’t ideal for Blaschke's schedule or her customers—she would still have to call them back to take payments and finish the booking. Blaschke wanted something that was easy for her to use when she received calls, and also secure and quick for guests to book online, completely on their own.

Favorite ZOZI Advance Features: Simple, All-inclusive Credit Card Processing

Hidden Valley RV Park + ZOZI Advance

Blaschke looked at many booking systems before choosing ZOZI Advance. When evaluating platforms, she kept an eye out for the length of time the company had been in business, the reviews, and the system’s main features.

“I found many campground-specific booking systems, but they didn’t have the easy pricing and credit card simplicity that ZOZI does,” she recalled. “They also had a large setup fee, anywhere from $700 to $1,000 just to get my information on the system.”

Having a system that fully incorporated all aspects of the payment system was crucial.

“I don’t need to work with a separate authorization company or pay separately for credit card processing,” Blaschke said. “I like that ZOZI has everything incorporated into one place.”

Since Blaschke has spent time making sure Hidden Valley’s website is detailed and easy-to-use, she liked that ZOZI’s interface looks clean and professional for her customers.

I like that the credit card processing is all incorporated - it’s so simple.
— Teri Blaschke, Owner of Hidden Valley RV Park

Looking Forward to Future Growth With ZOZI

Teri has added 12 additional sites to Hidden Valley just this year, and she’s got plans to add around six more. While the simplicity of credit card payments and clean look of ZOZI Advance are what she likes most about ZOZI Advance now, she’s also looking forward to seeing the system evolve and continue to roll our new features that can help grow her business.

Receiving thorough training and customer support, plus close attention to the features she’d like to see added in the future, are what got Blaschke excited to sign up for a year with ZOZI Advance.

“I do see my business growing with ZOZI,” she said. “I’m really looking forward to seeing the ease of online booking.” 

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