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Emily Hackeling

About Scorpion Bay Marina

Visitors of all sorts step out onto the docks at Scorpion Bay Marina. From families seeking a sunny escape, to friends coming for a day of fishing, the marina has welcomed people of all pasts and purposes. And since opening nine years ago, one thing at Scorpion Bay has remained the same: it’s all about the people.

“We like to have fun with our customers,” said General Manager Cris McSparen. “And I think they have fun with us.”

Scorpion Bay, located on Lake Pleasant, Arizona, has more than 300 wet slips, dry boat storage space, a restaurant, and a fleet of rental boats and water equipment. It’s a popular weekend destination for visitors from across the state, so there’s never a dull day on the docks—or in the office.

Scorpion Bay Marina + ZOZI

Cris saw 2016 as an opportunity to grow Scorpion Bay's rentals business, but he didn’t want to compromise their top-notch customer service in the process.

Since Scorpion Bay has boats gliding in and out from 5:30am to late at night, every day of the year, the marina is an ever-changing and fast-paced place. Cris wanted customers to be able to book online, come to the docks, and head straight out on the water—with no fuss during the payment and check-in process. After researching several online booking systems and custom reservation services, the team chose ZOZI Advance.

Favorite Features: Calendar | Promotions | Mobile App

Streamlined Reservations

It’s not easy to describe the real difference between a 20- and a 23-foot pontoon boat over the phone. Before using ZOZI, Nicole found herself answering questions by phone all day, explaining factors like horsepower, seating arrangements, wheelchair accessibility and more to help customers make their selections.

“We would answer somewhere between 35 and 40 phone calls an hour, with 80% of it being for boat rentals,” said Cris. Now, customers can browse photos of their options, access comprehensive details about each boat, and book right on the spot—cutting down time spent on the phone by nearly 50 percent.

Secure Payments

Boats aren’t cheap—and rentals can pose risks, especially if a customer isn’t an experienced boater. Having a payment processor that could safely process customers’ confidential information online was crucial for Scorpion Bay’s success.

Before ZOZI, Nicole would tell customers to come in up to 30 minutes early so she could process payments, fill out waivers and make copies of important documents. The Scorpion Bay team can now check in customers on their iPads using the ZOZI Advance mobile app, so customers can head straight to the docks when they arrive.

"ZOZI helps us be able to get out of the office, and right next to our customers," Nicole said.

Inventory Tracking

ZOZI keeps us organized so that we can stay on track. So that we’re ready to go and organized for the next customer that’s coming in.
— Nicole Contino, Office Manager, Scorpion Bay Marina

The boat rental business is all about managing inventory that’s constantly on the move—and continually needing careful inspection, cleaning and repair. With ZOZI’s check-in, check-out feature for rentals, they track boats as they come and go on an hourly, daily, or nightly basis, and employees know which boats are up for service.

Promotional Codes

To incentivize customers to book online, Scorpion Bay uses ZOZI’s promo code feature to give customers discounts during certain times of the year. They also use promo codes to give discounts directly to customers, instead of a third-party booking service.

“We do our promotion codes now instead of doing Groupon and LivingSocial. We want the discount to go straight to our customers,” Nicole noted. “And ZOZI's made that accessible for us.”

Reporting & Insights

ZOZI Advance comes with customizable reporting tools so business owners can gather long-term insights and stay organized day-to-day. Scorpion Bay Boat Rentals Manager Rick Hammer generates custom reports on a daily and weekly basis to help keep his dock hands organized.

Meanwhile, Cris and Nicole can create reports to see trends over time—and ultimately decide when to invest in more boats, where to direct more marketing dollars, and when to hire more employees.

ZOZI Training & Partnership

They must have a thousand employees, because somebody is always answering the phone and helping us.
— Rick Hammer, Boat Rentals Manager, Scorpion Bay Marina

In a primarily outdoors business, training employees on a new software system can be either seamless...or a nightmare. Scorpion Bay’s entire rental team uses ZOZI Advance each day, and Cris said training his employees was easy—even for those who aren’t computer savvy. Since Scorpion Bay has a dedicated support team member with ZOZI Advance, they’ve had guidance whenever they need.

"It's super automated. If you turn it loose, it runs itself, which is the beauty of it," Rick said.

Planning Ahead With Scorpion Bay Marina

Scorpion Bay’s got more than a few changes in store for 2017. Enlarging the restaurant, kitchen and store; building condominiums on land and water; adding more boat slips; and reaching Rick’s personal goal: a rental fleet of 50 boats and 20 kayaks.

One issue Scorpion Bay has encountered since using ZOZI Advance? They’re running out of space to park their new boats. “It’s a good problem,” Rick laughed. “I see an entire dock dedicated to boat rentals with its own gas pumps, and ZOZI banners and flyers everywhere.”



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