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Emily Hackeling

About Treehouse Island Zip Line Adventures

When Tara and Grady Eilts bought a 50-acre island on Silver Lake, WA, in 2008, they dreamt of forming a natural sanctuary where visitors could escape everyday stresses in treehouses perched in the green landscape surrounding Mount St. Helens.

Due to regulatory limitations, their ideas for the remote resort island speckled with treehouses morphed into something different, but even more adventurous: Treehouse Island Zip Line Adventures.

Since 2013, owners Tara and Grady have welcomed families, friends, sports teams, bachelorette parties, school groups, scouts and more to their verdant oasis for camping, bonfires, hikes, barbecues and most importantly, zip lining.

“It’s such a special bonding adventure with family and friends,” Tara said.

Founded in 2013 | Outdoor Activities | 9 Employees

Pen and Paper Problems

Tara herself was the booking system for Treehouse Island before finding ZOZI.

“I was managing everything on pen and paper and taking bookings over the phone or through email,” she said.

Tara and Grady run the business with nine part-time employees, but Tara also juggles two other jobs as a teacher and fitness instructor. Finding a way to take bookings without requiring phone calls and jotting down credit card numbers was crucial for ensuring she could manage it all in her busy schedule.

Treehouse Island typically hosts 20 to 30 zip liners each day, but can reach 60 visitors during the busy summer months, Tara said. Since large groups visit the park often, they needed a clean way to track bookings and schedule in bulk.

“Computers are just a lot more efficient than I am in writing everything down,” she laughed. “So I just loved getting ZOZI.”

Treehouse Island + ZOZI

Since Treehouse Island offers a variety of zip line courses and options for booking, like trail walks and campfire sessions, they needed a system that could organize everything they have to offer and also help them communicate with employees.

Favorite Features: Calendar | Automated Emails

“The calendar is the number one thing I use the most,” Tara said. “It’s so easy to make a new booking and flip through different months and activities to see what’s next.”

She uses the ZOZI Dashboard to see what’s up for the day ahead. Her husband, Grady, uses the ZOZI mobile app more than his computer. He also set up all their employees with their own ZOZI Advance logins and gave them appropriate levels of access to make bookings on their own.

The calendar is the number one thing I use the most. It’s so easy to make a new booking and flip through different months and activities to see what’s next.
— Tara Eilts, Owner, Treehouse Island

“Because we never know how many people might book at the last minute, we tell the guides to watch ZOZI to know if we’ll need them on certain days,” Grady said. “It’s so user friendly.”

Tara explained that most people book online before they arrive, but with ZOZI she can take walk ups or go into existing bookings to add items like t-shirts onto the credit card the day of the tour.

Building Trustworthy Relationships

Zip lining is an activity that can build special bonds—and it often involves confronting a fear of heights. So for Treehouse Island, full transparency is crucial for putting potentially hesitant customers at ease before their experience.

“It’s a high perceived risk, low actual risk activity,” Tara explained. “It’s all about focusing on that relationship building piece, and letting people know they have options.” Having automated emails to set expectations is crucial for establishing trust with every zip liner.  

“ZOZI’s emails really are the best,” Tara said, noting she includes what to wear, when to arrive and other important information in her reminders.

“And the great thing is, ZOZI just keeps getting better and better with every update they make,” she said.

Coming Back For More

Treehouse Island aims to make the entire experience so enjoyable that people want to visit over and over.

“We’ve even had people come back a week later bringing friends and family,” Tara said. “The goal is to make people say, ‘We want to do that again!’”

That’s one of my favorite things about ZOZI; I was really impressed with the great customer service. Everyone we’ve spoken with has been so supportive.
— Tara Eilts, Owner, Treehouse Island

Tara said with ZOZI she’s able to better communicate with customers, create a professional face for the company, track bookings more easily, and communicate better with her employees—and the support from the ZOZI team has been one of the best parts of their transition to online booking.

“That’s one of my favorite things about ZOZI; I was really impressed with the great customer service,” she said. “Everyone we’ve spoken with has been so supportive.”

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