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ZOZI Advance is the fastest growing web-based reservation, payment, and customer management platform used by thousands of activity, tour, and event merchants.

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Emily Hackeling

You’ve been on the phone for what feels like eternity, enduring the same mind-numbing 20 seconds of jazzy hold music over and over on a loop. Frustration is bubbling as you pace back and forth. By the time someone finally picks up, you’ve grown at least a few gray hairs—and fantastic!—the person on the other end doesn't even have the answer to your question. They transfer you to to another department and put you on hold. Again.

With ZOZI Advance, it's not just the product—it's the people behind it who partner with you. Think Batman and Robin. Rocky and Bullwinkle. Gumby and Pokey. We're your long-term allies, from setup and training, to growing and scaling your business.  

Here's how the ZOZI team is part of your team.

1. Our Support Team is Human, Based In The U.S., And (Bonus!) Very Stylish

ZOZI Advance Support. Yes, they're matching. And yes, they planned it. 

ZOZI Advance Support. Yes, they're matching. And yes, they planned it. 

Trying to get answers from a robot is hard...and so is asking for help from someone who’s literally thousands of miles away.

The ZOZI Advance support team is based out of company headquarters in San Francisco, CA. A group of dedicated support specialists is standing by, from onboarding, to troubleshooting, to helping you leverage the features of our world-class online booking system (and they won’t make you listen to cheesy hold music). Getting ahold of your support specialist is easy—just give us a ring at 1-866-745-ZOZI (9694), or shoot us a message directly from your ZOZI Advance dashboard. Our response times are speedy!

We create personal, emotional connections with our partners. We want them to feel like they are a part of this family and what we do.
— Jonathan Bell, Director of Enterprise Sales

Since our support and account management team works alongside the engineers who build ZOZI Advance, they know the system inside and out. They're constantly trained on new features and updates, enabling them to serve you better with in-depth product knowledge and firsthand insight.

2. Getting Started Is A Cinch

If the mere thought of switching online booking systems or implementing one for the first time makes you want to run for the hills, that makes us even more excited to show you just how seamless the process is. Take it from A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours owner Tony Muia, who got his food tour business up and running on ZOZI within one week after his previous booking system shut down unexpectedly. 

Whether it’s one quick training session or five, ZOZI’s onboarding team works with your needs, schedule and pace to get you comfortable with the system. Every business receives a personalized training: For instance, an escape room business probably won't care about setting up pricing for rental equipment, so we’ll skip it and focus on other relevant features. A food tour operator might require an in-depth focus on building custom questions in the checkout flow related to allergies, taste preferences, special occasions, etc. Whatever your needs, we'll listen and help identify features worth taking advantage of.  

Being an Onboarding Specialist allows me to do what I love every day. It goes beyond getting a booking system set up. My favorite part of my role is following each business’ success, creating lasting relationships, and seeing how ZOZI can contribute to their growth.
— Gabby DesGeorges, ZOZI Onboarding Specialist

Chances are you’re not the only one in your company who’s going to be using ZOZI Advance. If you’ve got a team of employees who need to learn the system, we’re here to train them too. 

3. Speedy Technical Support = Peace Of Mind For You

Forgot your password? No idea what a lightbox is? ZOZI Advance support representatives are on call Monday through Friday to work through it with you.

"It's not just about troubleshooting—I love getting to the point where we’re really a team," Customer Success Manager Alisa says. "When a customer actually reaches out to me for certain things such as, 'Hey, I’m thinking about adding something to my business,' I love making sure customers know they can come to me for advice."

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 5.07.53 PM.png

For instance, when See.Eat.Love owner Raquel Navarro wanted to switch up some of the HTML in the automated emails she sends for her specialty food tours, one quick email was all it took. 

"I just email Alisa, and she does it immediately," Navarro praised. "It's nice to know that if there's something I'm not sure about, when you have a dedicated account manager, it's easy to get it updated the same day." 

I like ensuring that everyone feels comfortable calling and asking for help with anything—it’s something everyone should feel when they start using the system.
— Christina, ZOZI Advance Support Representative.

4. We Understand The Challenges You Face

Running a successful, sustainable business is no cakewalk, and the obstacles vary depending on the type of experience you offer. Big or small, we're aware of the growing pains our partners face, whether it's learning how to take better equipment rental photos with your iPhone, or making adjustments on the fly when the forecast calls for thunder and lightning. 

When ZOZI Customer Success Manager Kristy learned Hurricane Matthew was headed for the East Coast in September 2016, she immediately reached out to ZOZI businesses that might be affected, providing them with reminders about features that are useful during rough weather, such as cancellations and refunds.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 5.12.55 PM.png

And good communication is just the foundation. Each week, our in-house content team writes and publishes new blog articles specifically hatched with our partners' business needs in mind. We think about things that matter to you, such as tips for implementing your campground cancellation policy or how to reduce credit card fraud. We also anticipate things that might not be on your radar, such as ways for laser tag operators to engage Generation Z, or how the occasional refund can actually help grow your escape room business. 

Whether it’s deciding where to place your “Book Now” button or researching where to open your second business location, ZOZI Account Managers can help, or point to resources that assist and guide you in making these important decisions.

5. From Marketing To Our Online Marketplace, We're Invested In Your Success 

Support from ZOZI Advance means more than computer tips and password retrieval help. As a part of your team, we take it one step further and provide another place for customers to find and book your tour or activity: our online marketplace. Ask your designated Account Manager about being listed on ZOZI.com.

Our marketing team also actively promotes ZOZI Advance tours, activities, rentals and cool events across all of ZOZI's social platforms. From rural farm tours, to trapeze classes, to surf lessons, to large-scale events like Bay to Breakers, we love to spotlight our ZOZI Advance merchants and encourage our consumer audience to get out there by trying new things. 

When we promote your experience on our social media platforms, we send people directly to your ZOZI Advance products page where visitors can browse and book. As of November 2016, we have nearly 34,000 followers and counting across all platforms. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can re-share our posts when we feature you!

The bottom line: whether it's bike rentals, SCUBA diving classes, painting courses and more, ZOZI Advance Support is prepared to embrace it all. No question is a dumb question—and we're excited to be a part of your team. 

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