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ZOZI Advance is the fastest growing web-based reservation, payment, and customer management platform used by thousands of activity, tour, and event merchants.

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Gabby DesGeorges

Online booking is just the beginning of a long, beautiful life for your business. Now that you’ve got ZOZI Advance, the seeds for operational awesomeness have been planted. Let's throw a little Miracle Grow on it, sit back and watch it flourish! ZOZI is equipped with a number of promotional tools to help your business grow and succeed. Here are a few tips for getting started:

1. Promo Codes Are Your Pal. Use Them!

Setting prices for your tours, rentals or activities isn't always the most exciting part of running a business...but with promo codes, you can have a little fun with it! Use the "Promotions" tab on your ZOZI Advance Dashboard to generate unique codes, which customers can use to get a special discount during checkout. These codes are fully customizable and valid for either a dollar amount or percentage off your prices.

The best part about creating a promo code? The customization options are endless! Pick a unique name for each of your codes (the sky's the limit!), provide a detailed description, and choose a percentage or dollar amount you'd like to discount. Limiting your promo code to certain dates is easy. You can control the date range for (1) when the booking must be made, and (2) when it can be redeemed.

Promo codes are a fantastic, effective way to drive business for your company.
— Gabby DesGeorges, ZOZI Onboarding Specialist

When is the best time to use a promo code? Trick question: Anytime! Want to make a St. Patrick’s Day discount for your bike rental company? Create "STPATTYBIKES" and give customers 10 percent off that day. Want to encourage customers to book your holiday food tour? Post a special code like "YUMSINDEC" on social media that's valid for the entire month. Want to entice return customers? Include a discount code like "ROUND2" or "WEMISSYOU" in your automated follow-up emails. 

Here are a few ideas of how to use promo codes to blow your bookings through the roof: 

  • Encourage more people to book with a minimum group number: "Take 40 percent off for parties of 10 or more in sculpture class!" 

  • Incentivize people to book faster by setting a max usage number: "The first 20 people to book get half off their skydiving tickets!" 

  • Boost sales in your slow season with discounts over a period of several months: "Book a horseback riding lesson from January though March and get $30 off!"

  • Drive repeat customers with discounts in follow-up emails: "Thanks for skiing with us! Take $20 off your next rental."

The best part of it all? Your promo codes will be saved in the "Promotions" tab, where you can re-run, edit and manage them. To see which promo codes perform the best, go to "View Utilization Report." 

2. Team Up With ZOZI On Social Media For More Exposure

These days, having a social media presence isn't just a recommended best practice for businesses—it's a fundamental necessity. If you're not already following us on social media, chop chop! Our consumer audience is yours to leverage. 

From campground rentals to snorkeling tours, painting classes to hot-air balloon rides, we love to spotlight our ZOZI Advance partners on social media. Each day, our marketing team promotes ZOZI Advance tours, activities, rentals and cool events to our nearly 34,000 followers, encouraging them to get out there and try new things. Be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter so you can re-share our posts when we feature you. Want us to re-share your post? Simply tag us by using "@zozi."

3. Spread Your Reach With Vouchers

Why sell your tour or activity in just one place on the Internet? If you work with Groupon, LivingSocial, or another third-party reseller, ZOZI has the ability to upload voucher codes from each company, allowing their visitors to book online free of charge. You don't even have to track these voucher codes down yourself—just ask your ZOZI account manager for our handy request template, which you can easily forward to resellers. 

Alternatively, if the phrase "third party reseller" sounds just as scary as the phrase "particle physics," don't sweat it! Your ZOZI account manager can explain what this is, how it works, and some of the options available to you. 

4. Generate More Revenue With Gift Cards  

Perfect for the holidays—or any time of year—gift cards are another easy-peasy way to encourage customers to engage with your business. Go to the "Gift Cards" tab to create virtual gift cards that your customers can purchase. By enabling gift cards for your business, you're essentially letting customers do some marketing for you.

Selling discounted gift cards is also easy: simply set the "purchase price" lower than the "value." Our friend Raquel Navarro, owner of See.Eat.Love Food Tours in Oakland, loves this feature because it "lets customers understand the value of what they're purchasing." Being able to charge customers a lower amount than the actual value of the gift card is a great way to help incentivize people to purchase them.

And how will your customers find and book these snazzy, creative gift cards? Right on your website, with a handy "Purchase a Gift Card" button that can be customized by color, size and text. Customers can browse and book easily, and can even purchase a tour/activity/rental all in the same checkout flow. 

Oklahoma Skydiving Center is a great example: they offer four different gift cards on their website. When a customer chooses a gift card, he or she can enter in the recipient's name and a unique message. After completing the purchase, the gift-giver receives two emails: A confirmation letter for their own records, and a separate email containing the gift card information, which can be forwarded to the gift recipient. 

Track gift card purchases, redemption and expiration dates under the “Utilization” tab associated with each gift card on your dashboard. 

5. Enlist A Special Agent To Help Increase Bookings

We're big 007 fans, but increasing bookings isn't really James Bond's strong suit. In this case, we're talking about a third party vendor or hotel concierge with whom you've made an agreement, and sells on your behalf for a commission percentage in exchange. By working with agents, you're creating more ways for potential customers to find your business. 

There are three ways agents can sell on your behalf using ZOZI Advance:

  • Let agents book directly on your website using their agent code and the box labeled "for agents only."

  • Generate a URL from the agent page under "Agent Booking URL" and send it to each agent. They'll use this link to book over and over.

  •  Under "Settings," enter each agent as a "User." This allows agents to make back office bookings on ZOZI Advance.  

See our support page to learn more about how to set up agents,  how agents take bookings, and how to calculate agent commissions. If you're not sure where to begin choosing an agent that's right for your business, ask your account manager for a few tips. 

6. Success! Now, Let's Celebrate It:

ZOZI is all about powering the world’s experiences—so helping you and your business succeed is our No. 1 goal. Subscribe to the ZOZI Advance Blog to stay up-to-date with valuable industry insights, business strategies and, our favorite: user spotlights! There’s nothing we love more than hearing about your success, and the unique ways you use ZOZI.

There’s nothing we love more than hearing about your success, and the unique ways you use ZOZI.
— Gabby DesGeorges, ZOZI Onboarding Specialist

When we write your user spotlight story, we’ll post it on our blog, send you a downloadable PDF and promote it on our social media pages. Interested in having your business spotlighted? Email the ZOZI Marketing team at CustomerStories@zozi.com. We love hearing from you!

We know building a business is a crazy ballgame—and marketing is a key player on the field. ZOZI’s promotional features are designed to help your business grow and succeed, so don’t be afraid to explore them. Search the ZOZI Advance Knowledge Base for answers to any questions that pop up as you find what works best for you. And as always, the ZOZI Advance Support Team is just a call away to help work through issues with you. We're invested in your success, and we’re thrilled to see you grow!

Keep up the good growth! Check out these 5 ways to encourage positive customer reviews: