What is ZOZI?
We enable people to discover adventures through distinctive local experiences, travel getaways, and the products you need to get out there.
How did ZOZI get started?
It all started when our founder and CEO traveled the world and found it surprisingly difficult to find and book local activities and travel adventures. The idea was born to build a brand that stands for quality, ease of discovery, and passion. True to that original vision, ZOZI does the hard work for you: We source and screen the best providers of the most memorable experiences in your local market and all around the world. We give you access to world-famous pioneers of adventure and sport, and we equip you with the best gear available. We make it easy for you to get out there and live your passions!
How does ZOZI work? Does ZOZI host the adventures?
For the vast majority of our adventures, ZOZI curates and works with the very highest quality merchants locally and around the world to bring you these experiences - thousands of them! ZOZI serves as the ""connector"" to you and the merchant - we help you discover these amazing experiences all in one place. We do however host the customized ZOZI Guru experiences. Those are hand-crafted and hosted by ZOZI.
What types of sites do you traditionally partner with?
eCommerce sites, Media Companies and Travel brands are our three primary types of partners, but we're always exploring other opportunities
When will you come to my city?
We are currently in 26 cities and really focused on bringing the best of our offerings to each city that we are currently in. If you'd like ZOZI to make it to your city, don't hesitate to give us a holler at help@zozi.com and send us some love.
What are your plans for syndicate partnerships?
We choose partners based on the strength of their brand and their ability to provide meaningful revenue. We have focused on a small number of high quality and high impact partners.
Can we sell ZOZI’s Guru experiences on our website?
Thanks for thinking of us, but no. We have exclusive agreements with Gurus and our merchants that does not allow us to sell these to third parties.
How do you choose your Gurus?
We look for people that define adventure. They have won Olympic gold medals, broken world records, created their own shows, written books, and built foundations. They are passionate trailblazers, experts, authorities and leaders in their world, and they are also the type of people who are excited to take their expertise to guide others on their next adventure.
What Makes ZOZI Different?
Authenticity, Quality, Value, Our Customers and the fact that we aggregate everything you need for adventure in one place.
Do you guys have a mobile app?
Not at the moment, but we are working on it.
Are you hiring?
Yes, we are always hiring and looking for people who are hungry, passionate and want to "live the ZOZI brand" in and out of the office. If interested please visit: https://www.zozi.com/careers
How do you find your merchants?
We have extremely high standards that are industry-leading. We have very specific criteria that a Merchant must meet to work with us and we use google, yelp, twitter, local weeklies, trade magazines, meetup groups, tourist boards, to help validate our findings.
I run a trip company, how can we work together?
Please send an email to merchants@zozi.com with a link to your website and additional information about how you would like to work with us.
How much does it cost to work with you?
There are zero upfront costs. We work on a commission basis whereby ZOZI earns a percentage unit price sold on our site.
How do I get a refund?
You can get a refund by calling us at 888-969-4123,or emailing at help@zozi.com Please see https://zozi.zendesk.com/entries/22065551-zozi-refund-policy for our full refund policy.
Can I book an experience by phone?
Yes, of course. Our number is 1-888-ZOZI-123 or 1-888-969-4123
What is the youngest age a person can be for this experience?
Age restrictions are listed in the Special Terms, which can be found at the bottom of the offer page. If you need further clarification for the specific experience, you should also call the merchant directly to inquire.
Can I bring my children on a getaway that I've purchased or will it cost extra?
Unless listed in the offer, this question is best answered by the merchant.
How do I redeem my voucher?
If you refer to the section marked "Redemption Notes" in your confirmation email, it will list full instructions on redeeming your voucher.
What happens if the experience is cancelled? If your experience is cancelled, you are absolutely eligible for a full refund in the original payment form.

The ZOZI Guru Team

Who is the ZOZI Guru Team?
The ZOZI Guru Team is a hand selected team of experts that range from world class athletes to accomplished celebrity chefs and everything in between. The team is constantly growing and evolving. Check back frequently to see who's made the cut!s.
Who are the ZOZI Gurus?
We have an expanding team, see ZOZI.com/gurus for the latest!
What qualifies someone as ZOZI Guru?
Think of a ZOZI Guru as someone who defines adventure. They have won Olympic gold medals, broken world records, created their own shows, written books, and built foundations. They are experts and authorities and leaders in their world - and now you get to hang with them!
How often do you introduce a new ZOZI Guru?
There's no formal release schedule, but you can expect to hear about new ZOZI Gurus every month. We're honored and excited to be able to make these announcements.

ZOZI Guru Experiences

How big are the groups?
They are small and personal! Most experiences will be between 5-15 people. We want to give you quality time with the ZOZI Guru.
Can I give a ZOZI Guru experience as a gift?
Absolutely, and what a gift it would be! Have fun. Feel free to buy us one if you'd like.
Is there a photographer on the experience?
Almost every ZOZI Guru experience has a professional photographer present. Within days of the experience you’ll be supplied with images from the experience.
Can I bring my own camera and take pictures during these experiences?
Of course! We've even built time into the schedule to take pictures to keep the day moving.
Who handles gratuity for the vendors and ZOZI Gurus?
We've got that covered - no need to worry about this!

ZOZI Guru Policies

What is the refund policy for these events?
All sales are final unless there is a problem on our end.
What happens if an experience is cancelled?
Hopefully this never happens, but if it does we will refund you in full and try our best to get you scheduled on the next one.
How many spots may I purchase at a time?
Right now, you can purchase as many as you'd like. In the near future, we are limiting each person to four spots per ZOZI Guru experience given the limited capacity.