5 snowkiting videos with fearless Susi Mai

February 06, 2015                 10m read time
April Kilcrease

Crowned the Queen of the Air, champion kiteboarder and ZOZI Guru Susi Mai is best known for gliding along—and often high above—the waves. But come winter, the perpetually bikini-clad Mai bundles up and floats above the snow.

“Kiting in the snow is just such a different ballgame than when you’re in the water,” says Mai in an episode of “Susi Sessions.” “Even though it feels like it’s the same sport, everything about it is different—from rigging up your kite, to having to put on all these clothes, to actually flying your kite, and gliding along on a solid surface. It’s just all completely different … I’m definitely hooked on it.”

Watch Mai fly above icy white landscapes in these five snowkiting videos.

1. Susi Sessions Snow Episode


Mai heads to Haugastøl, Norway, for the Red Bull Ragnarök, an annual snowkite endurance race. annotation Named after an epic battle between Norse gods, the competition puts riders’ mettle to the test.

2. MaiTai Utah 2014


Mai and crew, including a spent but happy Woody Harrelson, snowkite at Utah’s Sundance Resort.

3. On The Loose: Snowkite Race 


In their web series “On the Loose,” professional kiteboarders Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow catch up with Mai at the Red Bull Ragnarök. More than 100 riders start the brutal race, but only four finish. Watch to see how Mai fares.

4. Red Bull Ragnarök featuring Mai and friends


More coverage of the trio at the Ragnarök.

5. MaiTai Utah 2013


In 2013, Mai hit the Park City snow with pro kiteboarder Jesse Richman and a group of tech entrepreneurs. Silliness ensued. 


This year's events will take place April 9-12.

April Kilcrease


April is the editor at ZOZI. Born in Germany, she grew up on three continents with a road-trip loving family. In her twenties, she was thrilled to discover that she could continue this semi-nomadic lifestyle as a journalist. Her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Guardian, and AFAR.

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